Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi everyone..its me again..but i bet no one will ever read this post..i actually not very good in making a fancy entry but i will try...yezzaaaaa!my girl has finally done her gwiyomi..really2 cute..ive watched it so many time..i really loved it and i really2 love her..i will love her till the is some snapshot from her video,but i ive censored her face...her cuteness is only for me,not for u ok...actually i dont know how to attached a photo so i will just keep it for my own..hehehe..but seriously,im really madly in love with her since the first day i saw her..idont know how much she love my girl love me as much as i love her..i hope she can cheer me up whenever i am sad,giving me strength whenever iam down and be a good wife for..i forgot to tell u that i will marry her this becoming november..5 more months,and after this she will be mine forever..iam afraid that i cant be a good husband for her..she has told me the other day that she has enough with me,like she couldnt stand me anymore..i hope she is joking about that..yes,iam not a very good bf/tunang/husband-to-be,but i hope iam good enough to make her happy..thats the only thing that i wish she will feel with me,i wish she is happy with me..i really2 love one will understand how i love u forever n ever...

Monday, May 6, 2013


Hahahah...i ask my girl to make a video of gwiyomi for but instead she ask me make 3 entries in my here it is my last after this she cant male any more excuse to do the video..i hope she do it in a very special and super duper cute for me...i love her..
Motosikal...last month ive sold my scrambler to guy nearly about 7k..i didnt ride it anymore,rather than keep it in the garage,better for me to let it go to someone else..and from the money that ive earn,i bought a new watch..a tissot titanium touch worth quite a fortune but hey,it worth many function in just that tiny little watch...its actually a smart watch..
Today,my girl just got her new replacement for her faulty iphone..a smile on her face just made me she can beat me back at candy crush..hahaha...but its ok,its only a game after all..

Friday, November 18, 2011

paseipa la.....

headache!!why is she trying to kept the secret from me..thank god i found out about it before its too late.,now i know why is she keep on angry with me and sometime without any reason..arghhhh!!!i dont want to think about it..just do what ever u want,i thought there will be no secret between us..lantak r,nak rahsie pon rahsie la pasni..jgn sampai aku dapat tau da r..pandai makan pnd r r,pehal la aku x dapat nak trime bnd ni..da la mamat tu aku x brape bkenan,bole plak la die nak wat taik nak potong line aku..pecah gak pale die nnt..bole plak die ajak2 kua, gmpg btol la..kalo lame lg aku rase maunye putih mate smalam aku plik gle babi sbb pe die ni nak cpt sgt blk, laju je jalannye...time nak byr lg r,aku pgg blakang die pon die wat keras x pandang aku mcm x pnah jalan laju gle.....ingatkan die skt prot ke ape,last2 skali die da ade kat moto ajak aku balik..dkt 4 5 kali die soh gerak cepat2,aku saje delay2 nak tgk ape trick die,last2 baru aku tau...laki tu lalu dpn aku n pandang die tp bile aku tgk die die tgh pandang tmpt len wat2 cm i know,die nak larikan dri rupenye...nape la die nak sorok sgt,trok sgt ke aku smp gf sdri pon xnak org tau die ade ade bnd2 yg aku x tau ni...........................................................?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

i love her!!

it's almost 2 years i've been dating's quite a long time and i hope our relation did't stuck anywhere..she's my first love and i love her since the first day i met her..she came to me from afar with her with a form in her hand..that is the first time i saw her and i still remember how my heart pounding as that time i knew that she's the one for..there's no other girls except her..i really afraid that one day she will leaved me...i really scared..i am deeply in love with u and will love u till the end of my life..if i could show her how much i love her...her smile make me go nuts..she's one in a million,but right now i'm so scared that her love for me start to fade away.i'm sorry if i have done wrong to u,but deep in my heart i'm so loving u..sayang,one day i will marry u no matter what..please dont leave me...i'm scared of losing u..i love u so much sayang..forgive me if have done wrong..sob2..

Friday, April 1, 2011


it really happen again..for how long,im not so sure but its gonna be like this for at least 2 or 3 days..i guess so,and ihope so... yes,its my fault..and again,its my fault..why its always happen bcoz of me? self centered?just let it be like a fog passing by..theres always a silver lining in everything that happen..and everything that happen are bcoz of me..becoz of..becoz of me..just take all the time u need..a day,a week,a month,even a year..its all yours..i dont mind i dont give a shit..bcoz at the end,everything are gonna be ok..i hope its gonna be ok..what a looser i am,writing down all my feeling in a blog..a blog i created for a pathetic little son of a hamster...if u read this,of coz u will read this if u still remember the existence of this blog..hahaha..i hope u know what u r doing..its not ur fault,its my fault...and it will be my fault every time this shit me..patience is a key,but i have tested ur patience for so many times..babai..haha..but wait,i realize that she hidden her status..why?bcoz she mad at me?why need to hide it..i dont know what to think right now, i am not as good as others,im not as pious as pak imam,not as handsome as artist,not as stylish as her friends...but this is me..sorry for not beeing as you wanted to...this is me,kampung guy who try to adapt with the townish surrounding..haha..trase cm bdk2 plak tulis bnd ni..xde org nak bc pon n xde org nak kesah pon..hahaha..let time heals everything..time?how long?haha..nak pujuk x pndai,kang mkn mnjadi2 plak..better shut my mouth and dok senyap2 je dalam bilik..