Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi everyone..its me again..but i bet no one will ever read this post..i actually not very good in making a fancy entry but i will try...yezzaaaaa!my girl has finally done her gwiyomi..really2 cute..ive watched it so many time..i really loved it and i really2 love her..i will love her till the is some snapshot from her video,but i ive censored her face...her cuteness is only for me,not for u ok...actually i dont know how to attached a photo so i will just keep it for my own..hehehe..but seriously,im really madly in love with her since the first day i saw her..idont know how much she love my girl love me as much as i love her..i hope she can cheer me up whenever i am sad,giving me strength whenever iam down and be a good wife for..i forgot to tell u that i will marry her this becoming november..5 more months,and after this she will be mine forever..iam afraid that i cant be a good husband for her..she has told me the other day that she has enough with me,like she couldnt stand me anymore..i hope she is joking about that..yes,iam not a very good bf/tunang/husband-to-be,but i hope iam good enough to make her happy..thats the only thing that i wish she will feel with me,i wish she is happy with me..i really2 love one will understand how i love u forever n ever...

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